Bensalem Cops Look For Motorcycle Thief, Can You Help Find Him?

by Alex Lloyd Gross

David Goodbred is the person that Bensalem Police said is responsible for stealing a 2014 Ducati motorcycle from 3806 Bensalem Boulevard. Now they have to locate him.  An APB has been located for this male and or his white van.  It was the public’s help that cracked the case and police want to send their thanks. Now they have to find him.


Goodbred is the man pictured in this article. It was not long after this article went live that police got their tips.  Goodbred allegedly complicated things by not having a valid drivers license.  Police will speak with him about that as well.  With the advent of the internet, the smartest thing Goodbred can do is to turn himself in. Otherwise, that warrant will pop up when he does not want it to. A simple traffic stop on the way to work, or at a social event will lead to an arrest at that moment. Surrendering takes that off the table. If you know where he is call (215) 633-3719