FBI Looking For Those That Destroyed the US Capitol

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Currently 55 people are facing serious charges stemming from their involvement in the failed insurrection of January 6 2020. That number is going to go higher. Much higher.  News media and everyday citizens  documented themselves and others  going in the nations Capitol without authorization. Some just ran around and hollered, others did much worse.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is asking for help in identifying those that you know that may have been involved.  They are asking for photos and or video. Especially if you can identify anyone. They have a website set up to receive tips and digital media.  That website is https://tips.fbi.gov/digitalmedia

In related news, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked for and got the resignation of Michael Stenger, the Capitol Sgt.at Arms. His resignation is effective immediately. The house Sgt at Arms Paul Irving had resigned as well. There were also calls for the resignation of Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund. He will resign later this month.

US Attorneys across the country will be helping to identify and prosecute those that traveled across state lines to do damage. One US Capitol Police Officer is on life support after suffering critical injuries in the riot. Many of the rioters  and attendees have already been identified, including a lawyer, Paul Davis, who worked for an insurance company. He was caught on video and was fired. The same fate happened to a real estate agent who posted that she attended. The male that stole the podium used by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been identified as Adam  Johnson of Parrish Florida, according to several news sources.