Bensalem Cops Look For Brazen Hardware Store Thief

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Shoplifters take everyone’s money.  No one like a thief, especially shop owners.  That is why police are looking to find out who stole six propane heaters, on different days.  Security cameras pictured the same male load up with three of them on January 1, 2021 and leave without paying. He came back again on January 8, 2021 and is accused of concealing them in a trash can, leaving the store without paying for them.

The value of this merchandise is over $1000.00. He also got away with a mechanics tool set.  He is most probably selling these at flea markets, pawn shops or taking special orders for them and selling them at a reduced price. He drives a white Dodge Durango. Id you know who this is, you are asked to call (215) 633-3719.