Victim Beaten And Pepper Sprayed For Car Keys In South Philly VIDEO

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Look at the video below. It shows what appears to be three females  stalking a victim as they got out of their vehicle on January 27, 2021. They had just parked along the 2600 block of South Bancroft Street and was going about their businesses.  However, the victim, 78 year old Angelina Bellissima was stalked by the trio of thieves as she walked  across ther1600 block of Oregon Avenue and confronted her on the 2600 block of South Smedley. Bellissima is a battling cancer.

All three defendants are captured on video.  Some are not wearing a mask and you can see who they are very clearly. They  knocked the victim down, pepper sprayed her then ran to her car, got in it and drove away. All of them appear to be  overweight. At least two appear to be female.   They attack in a pack and it takes only seconds before the victim is overpowered.

If you know who they are police would like to  speak with them and get the car back. You can leave an anonymous tip at Ti**@ph**********.com