District Judge Candidate Terry Hughes Meets Voters In Tullytown

Alex Lloyd Gross photo-Delaware Valley News.com Terry Hughes ( left) chats with David Cutchineal, ( right) Mayor of Tullytown and Bob Harvie’s staff.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Terry Hughes is a candidate for District Judge for the area that encompasses Tullytown.    The firehouse, station 33  sits right on Main Street, in the center of town.  Some of it’s members support Hughes and though it would be a nice idea to hold a free meet and greet with him.  So they did. The event was held yesterday, April 18, 2021, from about 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM..

The event was promoted on the firehouse social media page and was shared by his supporters. As people were out for their afternoon walks  through town,  the stopped to chat with Hughes.  They let him know what was on their minds and heard his views on issues that are important to them.  It felt a bit weird for Hughes who said “I’m not a politician, .I just want to be District Judge”.

He is running against Rachel Wagner, the current Judge’s daughter.  For now, he has to deal with things politicians have to deal with like getting yard signs and buttons, some of which were given away  along with custom  face masks with his name on them.  Bucks County Commissioner Bob Harvie and Tullytown Mayor David Cutchineal stopped by to wish him well.