Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Life Choices

by Paul Big Bear
Dear Friends,
      There is so much discussion about life from when it begins to when does it end, quality of, how to live it, how to extend it, to what lives matter? Does life begin with conception? Birth? Does it end when the heart stops beating or when the body is being kept alive by science/medical means? If life does not begin with conception what do we have between the time of sperm and egg uniting and a heartbeat? Does life depend on quality of life and who determines what that quality is? Do we qualify quality of life for homeless, third world starving, those who are starving in our own country? How about paralyzed, mentally challenged, or just those that make us uncomfortable after all aren’t euthanasia, abortion, even suicide determined by opinion? We create life in laboratories, in test tubes, cloning animals for what purpose.
What is more precious than life? When you become a parent and hold that baby in your arms, hold the tiny hands, hear the voice, how special is that? A new puppy or kitten, how many are welcomed into our lives every day and sadly how many are discarded when they get too big, too old, or too expensive? How valuable is life? We are born, we live, we die, is that it, is that what life comes down too or is life really what we accomplish between the womb and the tomb? How often have we heard that life is choices, I have the choice of waking up happy or miserable, the choice of smiling or being miserable, going to school or not, to work or not, telling a lie or the truth, being faithful or cheating, all these choices and more, but what do they matter?
Every thought is part of your decisions in life, what you say expresses your choices and your opinions, and how often do your words forewarn your actions. Choices are vital in life, how often are these choices life and death choices? Could they be important enough to make them with intelligence? Here I see the problem, how do you make an intelligent choice when you have been fed the agenda of others instead of the full story. I have said I do not write this column to tell you what to do, how to think, but rather to give you something to think about and then form YOUR OWN OPINION.
I believe in the Word of God who created life and I believe that when we are born we are His creation, His gift, entrusted to us to raise, nurture, and love. Maybe we should teach them by example on all aspects of life especially love and how it has nothing to do with lust and desire of acquisitions. Life to me is a journey that I, a spiritual being, am making in this physical world, to strengthen my spirit, a journey of gathering knowledge, facts and passing that knowledge on to others (this is called wisdom) in an attempt to help others make intelligent decisions. So what is life and does it just end when we die? I say no. I believe in the promise of eternal life as promised by Jesus Christ, so I believe life is L – leave I – it F – for E – Eternity. I hope this is worth thinking about.