Illegal Dirt Bike Rider Hurt In Bensalem Accident

by Alex Lloyd Gross

One male, is injured after an illegal dirt bike he was riding slammed into a car making a turn from Bensalem Boulevard onto Yates Rd today, shortly after 4;00 PM. According to witnesses, the bike was riding in a reckless manner and had no tag on it. Because it was not registered for street use, it was not insured. Reports were the driver was passing cars on the right and may have been doing wheelies before the accident.

The driver of the car was not injured. His car sustained damage to the right rear wheel and there may have been damage to the axle.  The injuries the driver, a male who appeared  to be his early 20’s  were serious but not life threatening. This accident took place about half a mile from a deadly ATV accident happened. . Illegal dirt bikes are a problem in Bensalem. About two years ago a rider was killed when two riders ran a stop sign in the twp and collided with a car. one died.

ATV’s and dirt bikes are not limited to Bensalem. Philadelphia has their hands full with crews that race them on city streets and drive them on sidewalks as well.



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4 thoughts on “Illegal Dirt Bike Rider Hurt In Bensalem Accident

  1. The riders are not compliant with any rules. There were 2 the other day as I was driving who were passing on the right, weaving in and out between cars and going thru several red lights. As I got ready to call 911 they went thru a light and disappeared into Thunder Hollow on Bristol Rd.

  2. it would be great if there was a place to legally ride dirt bikes in bensalem. there is land available that the township could use for a riding area. it would be a solution…obviously just “outlawing” riding DOES NOT WORK. i remember when we had a BMX track for the kids, then the powers that be…shut it down and built a TOTALLY USELESS fire training facility. i say useless, because it wasn’t built to spec, and is therefore…USELESS. build a dirt bike riding area there, give people a place to ride

    1. Just to clarify. I managed the BMX track. It closed at the end of the 2007 season.
      The reasons were two fold.
      Primarily, participation in the organized events fell off to near nothing. Whether it was video games or other factors, we had race dates where we barely had enough riders to form motos. As a result we had 8 year olds combined with 13 year olds. Totally untenable. The track could only be used for organized events for liability and insurance reasons. It was never “open to the public” for free range, unsupervised riding.
      Secondarily, the impending reconstruction of Route 1 & Street Rd (that’s going on now) was designed to “take” the entire top half of the track’s footprint. Project was originally supposed to begin years before it actually did. Pendot and funding delays I imagine.
      Your point on the Fire Training Center may be valid. I’ve heard from actual firemen that the site can’t be used for “burn training,” rendering it, as you suggest, “useless.” However, that installation did not borrow any land from the BMX track. The two could have coexisted had the other issues not lead to its closure.

  3. It would be great if the kids had somewhere to ride the bikes near the area. They’re 2 or 3 places in the area to buy the bikes east coast cycles and Yamaha fun center power sports. So why no place to ride. Instead of tearing down every piece of land to build houses why not make a track for them. I’m sure the township can find some way to make their money off it. You kno they will!! But at least your making an effort to give them a place to ride. Instead of them seeing the place to buy them and then have them takin away when they try to ride them on the streets, because they have no place to ride. It’s like let the parents spend 6,7,8k on a bike that your taxing to them have to spend more money on getting it out of the impound.

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