Bensalem Police: Ignore Social Media Posts About Possible Abduction

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Social media is a great way to keep informed of what is going on in your community. Unfortunately, it is also an excellent way to start rumors and panic. One such incident involved social media posts about a possible kidnapping at Target on June 18, 2021.  For those that don’t know, multiple posts were made on social media about a child being removed from or the attempted removal of a child from a shopping cart .The store is located off of Rockhill Drive in Bensalem.

Police investigated the incident and wanted people to know that the person involved has been contacted by police. They are special needs with an intellectual disability. No criminal intent was there, when he removed the child from the cart.   This was not a kidnapping or abduction attempt and  no charges will be filed.

Frequently, people post on social media about incidents that they have no direct knowledge of what is going on or what happened. People should be wary about any post on social media that does not come from an official source.


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1 thought on “Bensalem Police: Ignore Social Media Posts About Possible Abduction

  1. So what would you call physically (and forcefully) taking a child from their mother without permission if it’s not attempted abduction? This is not rhetorical – I am really asking what you’d consider that to be.

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