Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion On Want vs Need

by Paul Big Bear
Dear Friends,
         I demand! We grew up with our needs met, we had no demands they would not have been well received anyway. We had desires, goals, aspirations, dreams all things we knew we could have, not for the mere asking and certainly not by demanding. But we knew we could be and have what we wanted by achievement. If I wanted to go to the Saturday matinee, it cost twenty-five cents to get in and ten cents for popcorn, a box of candy was a nickel, asking my father for a quarter evoked only one answer – “Do I look like I’m made of money?” My father worked for a pay check that paid our bills, he maintained repairs and my mother kept our home clean, clothes clean, beds made, meals made, and made sure we behaved and bathed. We walked to school and back, we changed into our play clothes, we played until it was time to come home. We ate dinners at the table together and there was always two choices, eat or don’t eat. If someone stopped by there was always enough for them Mom saw to that. Dessert was a treat usually reserved for Sunday dinner. We were happy, we had comfort and love. That was the America I grew up in. We were taught that the Constitution guarantees we have the “Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
Today people demand higher wages, lower taxes, free health insurance, free schooling, and so much more. By making these “demands” we open the door for politicians to pander your vote with campaign promises. “Vote for me and I promise you higher wages and lower taxes.” Believe these promises and you will find yourself disappointed, frustrated, soon angry and blaming everyone but yourself. One politician cannot deliver on such promises. That is not the way a democracy works. So instead of “Vote for me and I will do this” remember that they work for us, we elect them to represent us and what is best for us. The message we need to send is “Deliver and we will vote for you.” America is indeed “the land of the free” people free to achieve, to earn, to build a strong and better country for everyone. So instead of “I demand!” Try “I would like to have so I need to pursue and earn my seat in the theater and my buttered popcorn.”
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