Male Pulled Over In Southampton, Shows Police Fake License

Hassan Weaver

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Getting stopped by the police is never fun. You get a ticket and you move on.  Hassan Weaver was stopped by Upper Southampton Twp. for a violation . He pulled over into the WAWA parking lot at Davisville Road and gave the police officer a fake drivers license.


Rather than admit he did not have one, or if he did just take his lumps and go to court, he elected to produce a fake one. That may work for an underage kid to get into a club when the bouncer does not know what they are looking for but with police, who are trained and have computers, a fake license will be spotted almost instantly.  Upon a more detailed investigation into Weaver’s vehicle, his inspection stickers were fake as well. According to Police Chief Dominic Varacallo, that is why he was stopped to begin with.  Police thought the stickers were fake and wanted to confirm that.


Weaver was taken into custody, charged with forgery and released by police. His vehicle was towed.