Bucks County Police Corporal Arrested For Sexting and Luring Kids

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 26, 2021

In the television show “To Catch A Predator”,  decoys would pose as under aged children in internet chat rooms  and predators would have sex talk with them and try to arrange to meet the children for sex. When they got to the location  they were met by a camera crew and police.   Adults across the country are doing something similar, but  without the benefit of a camera crew and TV show.


One such sting in Atlantic City NJ  caught Clifford Horn in it’s net on Sunday,  July  25 2021 when some adults caught him and turned the chats or texts over to police..  He was arrested and issued a summons . Horn was a Corporal with the Central Bucks Regional Police Department.  He is charged with enticing or luring children.  Police are looking into all of the cases he was involved with . He has since been suspended without pay, pending the resolution of the charges.