Lyft Driver Wanted For leaving The Scene Of Crash In South Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When you park your car legally on the street,  you expect it to be safe. You do not expect someone to drive into it . If they did, you would expect them to own what they did and take responsibility. Not the driver of  a car with a Lyft  insignia on it. That indicates the person behind the wheel is a professional driver. However that is exactly what happened on July 14 at 5:05 AM on the 1700 block of Oregon Ave.





A white sedan  struck three parked vehicles at that location. The driver was not paying attention. Perhaps they were sleeping or on their phone., but the entire accident was caught on video below.  Police want to know if you ever saw this car or know who was driving it. The driver knows what he did. He gets out , looks at the damage and drives off.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect please contact: Accident Investigation Division: 215-685-3180 or 3181 DC# 21-01-012211