Teachers Aide Dies By Suicide After Meeting Alleged Victim Of Sex Assault


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 23 2021

Jennilynne Derolf, was accused of having sexual relations with a 14 year old boy while she was a teachers aide in  the Valley Day School   in Falls Twp.   She was able to post bail after her July 2021 arrest. One of the conditions of that bail was to have no contact with her alleged victim.



While she was out on bail, Falls Twp. Police said she did just that.  The boys parents became aware of the meeting and contacted police. As police spoke with the male, they then went to talk to Derolf, on August 22, 2021.  As police pulled up to her house,  she pulled out a firearm and killed herself. Medics were called to her residence and tried to do what they could.

The male victim was not hurt.  Derolf was 38 years old.  The charges against her will be dismissed, according to state law. You can read the original story here