Young Idiots Rob Male On North Philadelphia Street

by Alex Lloyd Gross

You have to be stupid to rob someone. You have to be an idiot to do it in the middle of a public street. There are security cameras everywhere that will capture your every move.  Detectives will use these videos to track you and get really good photos of you. That is exactly what happened to the  males in the above photo.



On September 11, 2021, the three males who probably could not punch their way out of a wet paper bag ganged up and thought they were big and bad. After all, they were armed with skateboards.  So they spotted a person minding his own business on Broad and Cecil B Moore Avenue and started to bash him over the head and body with the skateboards.

The three tough guys managed to put the victim in the hospital after he was knocked unconscious.  Now you can put them in jail. Two white males, one black male.  The below video was taken by security cameras in the area will show great shots of who they are.



If you know who they are, you can call to insure they are put in jail. Once inside, they will get to prove  how tough they are. Upon conviction, they will also lose their skateboards.