Woman Pulls Gun On Fast Food Clerk, Robs Store Of Food On Cottman

Phila Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

No one wants to work. Stores everywhere are short staffed and that means reduced hours or other inconveniences to customers.  The Chipolte Store on 2337 Cottman Ave. could not handle the influx of in person customers and  the store was closing to in person ordering and having customers order online.  One woman in the store was upset and asked to speak with a manager. She then pulled a gun from her purse, which scared the clerk, who called her manager.

An alarm was pushed to summon security, not armed police. This could have turned tragic by having an unarmed guard walk into a situation with an upset person armed with a gun. Luckily, he guard was not dispatched in time. The woman said “If someone does not make her food, there will be a problem”.

Workers inside the sore working for a bit more than minimum wage decided to make the food order to get the crazy lady from the store.  The woman pulled the firearm from her purse again and said “Somebody better give me my food and walked out without paying. This is armed robbery, even if no cash was taken.



Watch the below video and see for yourself. If you know who this woman is, police want to hear from you. The male who is with her is also wanted for questioning  about the incident.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect please contact:
Northeast Detective Division:
DC 21-02-040030