Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion: On Tattoos and Bad Hair

Dear Friends,
      Have you or anyone you know ever gotten a haircut that was not something they were really happy with? I don’t know if this is a situation that arises with women more than men but I do know that I know more women than men who have returned and expressed less than delight with their “new dew” cut. And the cut is not the only complaint, color often evoked disgruntled comments (I really never thought this would be a big deal with males, who knew?) I remember women in an attempt to “hide the grey” would achieve a much more natural look, blue tint. Red was seldom the desired shade, sometimes the dissatisfaction would be so great that you could hear this being said “Do you see this, look at the color it’s hideous, no one will believe this is my natural color, I’m going to sue.”
Now, I understand “Bad hair day” and going to an important function or event and not being happy with the way your hair looks but, it is hair and will grow back, grow out, return to its naturalness. Having said all that let me query this, a tattoo? Really! In years gone by it was usually a guy (usually more than a few) out partying and yes alcohol was probably involved, who went into a tattoo parlor and requested that ink be injected under the skin of some section of the body. This heartfelt tattoo might be “Mother” or the name of the girl he is head over heels for. Perhaps something patriotic; the flag, a Marine’s Bulldog, or the name of your military branch or division.
Perhaps on ladies night out (yes the ladies indulge) and you decide a heart or a butterfly will somehow make you feel better tucked away under your daily clothes to be brought out at the beach or in the bedroom. Whatever you choose to have inked to make you the illustrated man/woman is not going to grow back, or disappear it may fade and one day, twenty – thirty – forty – years in the future that cute butterfly will evoke a comment from your grandchildren something like this “did you know grandma has a pterodactyl on her shoulder?”
Maybe we need to think about the things we do, the words we speak, once said and done they cannot be undone, sadly there is no “white out” for our spoken words, we do not come with “ctrl-alt-delete” for our spoken words or our impulse actions.
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