Joe DiGirolamo Declares Victory In Bensalem, Stays In Office

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News,. com The mayor greets his supporters.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It was just after 10:30 PM November 2, 2021, when Bensalem’s Treasurer-Elect, Mike Brill walked onto the floor of the Bensalem County Club. He was there to announce preliminary election results and it looked good for the republican party.  “These numbers are unofficial, we still have to count a lot of mail in ballots, but so far it looks good,” he said.  Then he added, “One race we can call now that is for Mayor of Bensalem. It’s another four years for Joe DiGirolamo, he said to rousing applause.

Then the mayor walked around the room, shaking hands and hugging his supporters.  The numbers against democratic challenger are not even close.  He got 7485 to Val Ridge getting 3229.  It looked like a red wave for local offices in Bensalem as well. Preliminary numbers are as follows,

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- The mayor gets toasted with Champaign.

School board Ferrandez-3744

Hardison 3364

Devery 3323

Rivera 6702

Meyer 6699

Pettyjohn 6444

Patel 6491.

Council- Sloane 3605

Tokmajian 3643

Stolee 3198

Pilleri 6577

Champion 6799

Benitez 6609

Treaurer Ramos 3564

Brill 7249

All of the numbers are unofficial until certified by the board of elections. Mail ballots have to be counted and can swing a race. During his speech, the Mayor said “Bensalem won tonight,” as he was toasted with champagne.  County races cannot be called as numbers from the upper and central area were unavailable.