Governor Wolf and AG Meet Abortion Rights Activists In Philly

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Governor Wolf and AG Shapiro st the event

by Alex Lloyd Gross

December 10, 2021

On December 9, 2021 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf  and Attorney General Josh Shapiro  held a press conference/mini rally to speak about abortion rights at in front of Independence Hall. They were joined by supporters and like minded politicians such as State Senator Nikal  Saval, and State Rep Mary Isaacson, who gave brief remarks.  There is legislation pending to overturn a woman’s right to choose.  Supporters, such as Wolf said that if the right is taken away,  women will be regarded as second class citizens.

Pro life supporters consider abortion murder and urge women to give the baby up for adoption.  In red states, such as Texas,  abortion is severely curtailed and the case is scheduled to be litigated in front of the United States Supreme Court.  There will be protests  both in DC and in Harrisburg. That does not bother Wolf,  “I have pretty much made up my mind on this issue,” so anyone protesting in support of a ban is pretty much wasting their time in Pennsylvania.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware valley The US Supreme Court

Attorney General Josh Shapiro was short with people, cutting them off, he gave his remarks, posed for a few quick photos and then hastily left the event, not wanting to be bothered.  Shapiro is running for Governor  and is the only viable democrat that put their hat in the ring. During his remarks, he referred to females as women. During Wolf’s remarks, he made frequent references to “Birthing People”. This is a term coined by the far left to describe those with a female anatomy that choose to not identify as a woman.   The term “birthing person” is widely accepted on the left but moderates and those on the right  are astounded  at the term.  Wolf is hoping to court moderates and many feel put off by that term.

Democrats in attendance say that there are more pressing issues than abortion , which has been litigated and decided upon 50 years ago. Those issues include healthcare, raising the minimum wage and reducing crime, they said during the rally.   The event lasted about 30 minutes.  You can see it here