Gunman Shot and Arrested After Frankford Disturbance

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police clarified a few points  about a bizarre shooting that happened at 7:38 PM January 23, 2022. A black male  went into a neighborhood market  store located on the 4600 block of Frankford Avenue.   Police said that he knew or was a relative of an Indian clerk that was working in the store.  The male started an argument with the clerk and, as he was leaving, pulled out a pistol and shot him one time in the left side.  The clerk was rushed to Temple Hospital and placed in critical condition.


Before he collapsed, he drew his own gun and fired at his assailant, striking him one in his left arm and once in his left side. This male  was also fired upon by another customer in the store who saw what was happening.  He was found by police on the 4700 block of Penn Street, and taken to Temple Hospital as well. He was also placed in custody.  He is still in the hospital and is not able to be charged yet,

Police have not released any names due to the fact that while charges are pending,  The shooter has not been formally charged yet., but will face assault and weapons charges.