Regional Manhunt For Supermarket Shooter

Moenell Coleman

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Police in Coaetsville want to arrest Moenell Coleman really bad. He has family in  Wilmington Delaware and Norristown PA. On January 26,2022 he was inside the Coatesville Market on the 800 block of East Lincoln Highway when a woman bumped into him.  She apologized and under normal circumstances, that would have ended it.  Coleman, however was not content to forget the incident and move on with his life. He threatened to shoot the woman and went off on a tirade against her.

She left the market but Coleman, still in a rage followed her home and as she walked in her front door,  Coleman allegedly shot at her multiple times.  She received a minor injury, as Coleman missed her  but shot her brother, who was rushed to Paoli Hospital. Police went to Colemans house and searched it, but he was not there. They did find substantial evidence that he was involved in the shooting.

When they find him, he will be facing two counts  of attempted murder and weapons offenses.  If you know where Moenell Colman is, Coatesville cops want to hear from you (610) 384-2300