Right To Life Protest Held In Cape May

Alan M Dumoff Photo Special To Delaware Valley News.com Demonstrators outside the courthouse.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Right To Life Committee of Cape May NJ held their annual protest in front of the Cape May Courthouse last week.  About 20 demonstrators showed up with signs which they held up to passing traffic. Some of the members of the motoring public beeped their horns in solidarity with the group.  The groups consisted mostly of older people and senior citizens.

The demonstrators were out for about one hour.  As the US Supreme Court stands ready to revisit the Roe V Wade issue, protesters  and demonstrators will  descend on Washington DC in support of both sides of this issue.  There are some hardliner anti -abortion advocates that oppose abortion no matter what, even if endangers the life of the fetus or the mother or in case of rape. . More moderate people do not oppose abortion under those circumstances.