Snow Blankets Region Traveling Is Dangerous

Photo Roger Barone -Photos From Philly-Special to Delaware Valley Ridge Avenue in Roxborough needs another couple of passes from the snowplow.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Traveling during the snowstorm today, January 28 2022 was dangerous. By any method.  That is why many townships and boroughs across the region issued states of emergency .  Does this mean you cannot go out and drive if needed? No it does not.  It does mean that you should remove your vehicles from streets, to allow plows to  get through. It does mean to limit travel if it’s not necessary to go out. 

Roger Barone- Photos From Philly-Special To Delaware  Valley  A plowed lot is a welcome sight for shoppers at a supermarket in Roxborough. The local firemen made a stop to stock up on food.

In fact, when you see plows on the street, do not pass them and then veer into the lane that they are plowing.  Tell you children in this day and age, it is i beyond dangerous to throw snowballs at cars.  Across the nation, there is always at least one story of a driver that came back and hurt the snowball throwers. Besides that, it is dangerous for the driver who is driving and then their vehicle gets hit.  An inexperienced driver is likely to make a sudden motion and steer into a tree or into other traffic. The person who threw the snowball is the one responsible and is the one going to jail.

The roads that are free from snow now are going to be  dangerous tonight, as the moisture on the road can freeze, and cause black ice to form. That ice is almost undetectable until you are right on it.  In case you are going into a skid, steer into it, as opposed to in the opposite direction. Experts say by turning away, you make the vehicle spin out of control.

If you bought a pick up truck and put a plow on it to make extra money,  using  the truck to plow snow from driveways and parking lots will void your warranty. The added weight or the snow will damage the transmission.  Sorry, you are on your own for repairs.  The cost  is sure to wipe clean any profits you made.

If you have a new driver in the family, it is a good idea to let them drive on a deserted road or lot, to get a feel for how the car can handle in the snow.