Couple Wanted For Stealing At Lowes In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross


January 31 2022

With security camera systems, you get what you pay for. Lowes  apparently  spent a lot of money on some great high definition cameras. Look at the photo of this couple who are accused of stealing some wire from the store off of Horizon Boulevard. Bensalem Police said that on January 26 2022 at about 1:00 PM  the couple entered the store. The wire was $647.20.

They went into the wire section and there were some spools of a section . They wanted the wire but did not want to pay for it.They allegedly pulled out  some cutters and cut the security wire that was securing the spools of wire. The couple then put  the entire spool into a shopping cart and walked past several registers and did not pay for anything.


They put the stolen wire in a dark grey Jeep renegade and left the lot. No tags were visible to the cameras.  Should you know these people, you are asked to call (215) 633-2719.

he male was described as a medium complected black male, with a beard, wearing a denim jacket, gray jeans, white sneakers and a gray Eagles baseball hat. The female was described as a light skinned black or Hispanic female, with shoulder length black hair, a lavender knit hat, red jacket, black shirt and jeans with black boots.