Waste Management Plow Crew Suspended, Possibly Fired Over Anti-Semitic Plow Incident

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A video is going viral showing two men driving a snow plow on Lakewood New Jersey  deliberately lowering their snowplow to drench two Jewish men is ice, snow and whatever else was on the road , after the snowstorm January 29,2022.

One of the laughing fools in the truck pulls out his cell phone and records the incident and then uploads it to social media. That individual, identified as Donny Klarmann byVIN News.com idenifies himself as  a plow driver for Waste management.



The company promptly suspended him, after watching the video They issued a statement condemning the video.  Losing his job may be the least severe thing to happen to Klarmann. This is being viewed as a hate crime which there is a chance that he will face Federal Hate Crime charges.

Lakewood  has a predominantly Jewish Community and those community members  don’t bother anyone. They are harassed at times. The Mayor of Lakewood condemned the attack and local police are investigating  assault charges against the two males.