Male Kidnapped and Held Hostage In Mayfair

by Alex Lloyd Gross

February 6 2022

Details of what happened are still coming in. Preliminary information is below.

An oriental male was involved in a minor accident three days ago on the 300 block of E. Godfrey Avenue. No one was hurt in the crash but that did not stop three males who were in the car from showing up at the man’s Decatur Street home.  Police were not sure if they followed him home or arrived later in the day.  They got access to the home and kept the man inside his house.


They kept him inside for several days before they told him to get into his grey Rav 4 and drive them.  They left the house, after using cleaning agents to clean their mess, and they all piled into the vehicle. He was forced to drop the males off in the vicinity of RIVERS Casino and the victim left, and called police.  It is not certain that the males went into the casino.  One of the males forced the victim to wire him money to account,prior to leaving which was done. Detectives are looking into that computer trail. The amount of money sent was not disclosed.

The male was beaten in his vehicle and in his house.  He pulled into a WAWA on Harbison Avenue and was met by police, Sunday night about 8:50 PM who got him medical care and called an ambulance to take him to a hospital. Police did not say if anyone else was held inside the house against their will. Police immediately went to the casino to review security footage. The only description was three black males wearing all black clothing. One had eyeglasses.

This story will be updated