Male Shot and Killed In Rhawnhurst Driveway

by Alex Lloyd Gross

February 6 2022

One male was shot and killed in the rear of a house, on the 2100 block of Faunce Street. The shooting happened around 8:20 PM., police said.  Residents who heard the commotion came out and found the male shot  at least twice , laying in a driveway. None of the neighbors said they recognized him.

Police did not say what caliber of gun was used.  Medics rushed the male to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead at 9:02 PM. The driveway is dark and there is not a lot of light. Police were canvassing the area for security cameras that could have captured something.  The male appeared to be in his 50’s and was balding.  The male was not carrying any identification on him, making his identity harder to track down.

Police found several shell casings in the rear driveway, where the male was found.