A Clarification On A Previously Published Story

On February 11, 2022 this publication wrote an article that contained facts that were not correct. This stemmed from a crash involving a stolen vehicle taken in a car jacking. The vehicle crashed at Grant Ave and Evans Street, in Philadelphia.
We reported in error that the two suspects arrested were involved in a homicide, involving George Briscella. That was not the case.  The information gleaned was not factual. Police  are investigating that murder, police say it is still an open case.

The staff at DVN is sorry for any pain that the family of Mr. Briscella experienced from this article. The person(s) responsible for this killing have not yet been apprehended.

One of the vehicles in this accident was in fact used in a car jacking, which has been confirmed by multiple police sources.  The armed theft of motor vehicles has become an epidemic in the city. Serious jail time needs to be served by individuals that engage in this type of criminal activity. It is the ONLY way that it will be stopped.


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