Cops Net Three More Carjackers, Connect Them To At Least One Murder

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police announced that three more  accused carjackers were taken off the streets  this week.Amin Muse. of the 900 block of Cecil Street Aleem Abdul-Hakim. of the 7300 block of Buist Avenue and Mikal McCracken of the 58XX block of Lindbergh Boulevard all will face charges of murder, carjacking, robbery and related offenses.  All will be held in jail pending trial without bail.

Police said that they are involved in the murder of George Briscella on February 6,  2022.  Last month, police held a press conference to announce the arrest of Jonathan Akub in that murder and promised more arrests would be made soon.

These three are said to be part of a large carjacking ring that happened in and around Philadelphia.  They are all being investigated by Milbourne Borough  for crimes that happened there, as well as other jurisdictions in Montgomery County.  Police said that Akubu was the ringleader of the gang that stole Toyota’s and other SUV’s in the region.

It is quite possible that the three defendants will also face federal charges as well. Federal time is served separate , usually after a state sentence. Federal sentencing guidelines call for life behind bars with no parole.