So, What Ever Happened With the Trucker Convoy?

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 4, 2022

Flyers and events were created on social media platforms to show up to support the trucker convoy going to Washington DC.  They were en route to support an end to mask mandates.  it was supposed to happen on March 3, 2022.  From Tennis Avenue in Bensalem, to 452 close to the Delaware border, hundreds of folks lined up waiting to catch a glimpse.

In Bensalem, it was scheduled to happen by 1:00 PM.  About 40 people showed up to Tennis Ave and stood on the overpass, most waved flags.  Cars, and trucks that were on I-95 did acknowledge the crowd above by blasts from  air horns, and car horns but no convoy. By 1:30 PM people started to leave. and by 1:45 PM only a small handful of people were left.  Police stayed parked on the side to insure no cars parked on the bridge and to provide a buffer so attendees did not get hit.

There was  no social media pacing or updates by anyone. No one knew where this convoy was, no live updates by anyone, saying they were delayed or passing any locations.  It turned out they rescheduled and re routed the convoy  south and thousands completely got screwed over out of seeing it. The convoy could have been large or small, we will never know.

Pennsylvania State Police and local police could provide no information on the whereabouts of the convoy. No one knew anything.  There was no police escort for this. CB traffic was empty . Had there been a person updating the location to Twitter or Facebook, with updates every 15 mins,  people would have known where to go to support them.