Who Is This Thief that Stole Over $1200 from Lowes In Bensalem?

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Police in Bensalem are hoping you can tell them who the male is,in the above photo. He is accused of taking two DeWalt Toolboxes and a Bissell vacuum cleaner.  Apparently, the  stations at the front of the store marked check out and “cashier” did not apply to him, or maybe he forgot. Maybe he cannot read. Either way, police want to educate him on the proper way to shop in a store: You pay for the items you take.

The items were taken from the Lowes on Horizon Boulevard,  on March 4, 2022. He is accused of loading the items into a black, Ford F150 style pickup with a bed cover and black wheels/rims. The actor was described as a white male wearing a dark jacket, gray pants, black ball cap with possibly “Milwaukee” emblem on it, long hair and a mask.


If you know him, or his truck, police want to hear from you (215) 633-3719.

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1 thought on “Who Is This Thief that Stole Over $1200 from Lowes In Bensalem?

  1. Actually it could also be a female posing as a male! I do believe it’s a man though. This stealing out of stores is totally out of control. I was in Walgreens in Bensalem yesterday and a couple there was asking me for help finding “charcoal replacement heads” for their Oral-B toothbrush.
    They walked away and meanwhile I had found what they needed. They were in the next isle, so I told them I found it!! Around 5 minutes later I hear the manager tell the cashier Not to allow that couple back in the store. Here they stole a whole cart full of items, and I aide & abetted them, lol!!! I felt horrible, the manager and I had a bit of a laugh about me helping them steal. Now they aren’t allowing employees to confront or approach and stop the thieves, which I think is horribly crazy. Who do they think pay for these items after their stolen? The Tax people, like you & I do!
    Someone has to find a solution to this horrible situation.

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