Two Felons Wanted For Animal Cruelty In Frankford

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 22, 2022

Two black males are wanted by State Humane Officers for felony animal cruelty. These two mentally disturbed individuals were walking a couple of pit bulls along Granite Street in the Frankford section of the city. There was a beautiful Black cat named Buddy who was sitting on a porch, when the idiot’s dogs noticed it.


The thugs walking their dogs then sicced the animal on the cat, illegally trespassing on the porch and laughing as his vicious dog mauled the kitty cat. In fact, he even encouraged it. The owner came out and rushed the cat named  Buddy to the PSPCA, where he underwent emergency surgery.  The two are not responsible pet owners. . They are morons because of what they did.They are thugs and now they are felons.  It was not funny, nor was it amusement.. The crime was caught on camera.

Both males were stupid enough to do this and also too dumb to realize that cameras are everywhere. Someone will know who these two are, where their dogs are and enough information to send them to state prison.  For a first offense, animal cruelty there are no breaks, no deals, it’s prison. If these two are in fact convicted criminals, they can pack a tooth brush now..

A reward will most definitely  be offered. When their friends and associates get wind of the reward, they will turn them in, in a heartbeat and spend the money.  The friendship and code on the streets mean nothing, when cold hard cash is involved.  The thought process is  a simple one: Make a call, get some cash and turn in someone they really don’t like that much anyway, or do nothing and watch someone else get the reward money.. They most probably live in the area, officials said.  Chances of them getting caught are really good.




The owner would have been within his rights to shoot the dog, as lots of people are armed now. The chances that these two will get their dogs taken away is almost 100 percent.  The number to call to put these two thugs away is (855) 601 SPCA or 7722. Buddy the cat is undergoing surgery and will need more operations.  Buddy is expected to survive.