Teenager Shot in Northeast Philly, In Critical Condition

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police are looking for security footage to see if anyone’s camera caught a shooting on the highway tonight, March 24 ,2022. It was just about 9:12 PM when a 15 year old white male was shot twice  outside  on the sidewalk, . He was standing on the 6200 block of Mulberry Street when an unknown gunman approached and fired off at least two rounds.

The teenager received two gunshot wounds, one in the right side and one in his head. He was scooped by Philadelphia Police and rushed to Jefferson Hospital, Torresdale Division where he was admitted in critical condition.  There was no crime scene and no one has been arrested.  Police would not speculate of the boy was the intended target  or any motive.

If any neighbors  in that area have RING cameras, or security cameras, police would appreciate if you contacted them

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2 thoughts on “Teenager Shot in Northeast Philly, In Critical Condition

  1. You have story wrong! This shooting on Mulberry Street was by 3 teens trying to rob a freaking car – Sean was a innocent bystander- he actually is type of kid who never even goes out let alone saying he was a potential target! He was caught in the cross fire carrying a case of water!!! Don’t twist the story to stand out it was another senseless killing because our city officials have failed us!!!

    1. No, We have the story correct. It was published at 10:00 PM on the night it happened. We put out that police had no motive. We also put out that police did not speculate if he was the intended target.

      As more facts come to light, we will print them. We hope the youth makes a full recovery.

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