Two Killed In Mayfair Crash

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 2,2022

One male, who was reported to be sitting or standing near a park style bench on Frankford Avenue was killed when a pick up truck and a motorcycle collided . This happened at the intersection of  Frankford Avenue and Hellerman Street.  The intersection is controlled by a traffic light.  The accident happened in the intersection and the pick-up truck then veered out of control . Police said the the pick up was north on Frankford Ave, when the motorcycle, allegedly cut him off. The driver of the bike was ejected from the bike and killed as well. After coming in contact with the motorcycle the truck then and mowed down the bench, where the unidentified pedestrian was, police said.




The crash happened before noon, police said. There was a fence that was also damaged, that surrounded  a bank. There is a bus stop nearby. It is unknown if the male who was killed by the bench  was waiting for the bus. No further information is available. This story will be updated later tonight or tomorrow.