Watch Man-Child Catch Felony In South Philly Robbery

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 4, 2022


Children think things are funny when they are not. They lack the cognitive skills to realize  that certain behavior is not acceptable. For example, a child will go to the bathroom in their pants and think it’s funny.  A child will throw things around after a house or business has been cleaned and think it’s funny. The later is the case  at the Dollar Tree in South Philadelphia, located at 2027 Oregon Avenue.

The incident happened about a month ago, March 6, 2022 as a heavy set couple, a  black male and female were checking out their purchase, the male got into an argument with the clerk.   Video was recently released showing the crime that happens next. The male began to throw merchandise around the store .  His female counterpart did nothing to stop him, as he made his way to the door, he is  still throwing merchandise around the store,.

Had he left, he would probably not be charged with any crime, given the climate of the DA for not prosecuting minor offenses. He did not leave. He walked back to the clerk, who is not making more than a few dollars over minimum wage and proceeded to grab her around the neck, and throws her to the ground.  He then grabs several items and runs out of the store, laughing.  To him it’s a joke. To normal functioning adults, it’s a felony robbery.


Police said that this is a commercial robbery,  due to the assault. The male came into the store wearing a face mask and then his marks was down as he ran out of the store, laughing. We know he is laughing because his face mask fell off and the security camera got a great view of his face. You can see it in the video below,


If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
South Detective Division:
DC 22-01-003682


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5 thoughts on “Watch Man-Child Catch Felony In South Philly Robbery

  1. First of all, the Female didn’t do anything. Don’t include her in this guy’s irrational reaction to whatever transpired.

    1. She’s at fault for not stopping his grown ass! She should have put him in his place and for her to allow him to put his hands on her and be ok with it is all the way wrong. Shoot charger her too f that!

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