City Ambulance Struck By Car On Torresdale Avenue

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 15, 2022

An ambulance was struck by another vehicle, a passenger car on Torrsdale Avenue at Robbins Avenue. The crash happened today, April 15, 2022 just after 2:15 PM. According to authorities, the medic unit was south on Torresdale Avenue and the car was east on Robbins, when the two vehicles crashed in the middle of the intersection.


It is unknown if the ambulance was responding to a call, if it was, then it absolutely  had the right of way.  There was a call for a serious pedestrian accident about a mile down the road.  Both the driver and passenger of the car were transported by another medic unit for minor injuries. None of the medics inside the rig sustained any injuries.


The vehicle that hit the ambulance was registered in New Jersey.