Tour Of Honor Ride Returns To Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

People were speculating as to what was going on around Street Road in Bensalem,  about 7:30 PM.  There was a police helicopter hovering overhead and tons of police blocking the roads. Some thought it was an accident, or a police chase.  Upon closer examination, there were a bunch of charter buses and motorcycles. Could it be the president? Maybe someone running for president? It was actually more important than any president. It was eight bus loads of veterans that made an annual trip to Washington DC. It is called The Tour Of Honor.


The group took off early in the morning and rode down I-95 to the nations capital. Once in Washington, the buses rode by veterans memorials and the group went to museums.  They rode by Arlington National Cemetery. They had lunch and returned. It’s an annual event and it is a  very big deal.  The event was not held during the last two years due to COVID.  Either the museums were closed or it was too dangerous to put a bunch of seniors in  buses and take the risk of someone getting sick.


As local  politicians showed up, all they could do was wait. The tour was delayed due to a flat tire near the border with Delaware.  By 7:10 PM word got out that  they were close to Bensalem, and roads were closed, so the buses would travel  and not have to stop at red lights.. Escorted by police and members of Warrior Riders and Warriors Watch, the caravan pulled into Parx East on Street Road  about 7:30 PM.  They had a police escort all the way up and down for the trip.



The veterans received a heroes welcome from the crowd as patriotic music played on. Many people  stretched out their hands to shake the hands of the vets as they walked down a red carpet. Once they went into the casino, they were treated to a gourmet dinner.