Male Refuses To Leave Bar, Fights Cops In Penndel Gets Arrested

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When you are told by an establishment that they no longer want you on their property, it’s a good idea to leave.  That fact was lost on Jonathan Wessels,.  On May 12,2022 police in Penndel went to a bar on Lincoln Highway after being called for a subject that does not want to leave.  They made contact with the male, identified as Wessels, and he refused to follow police commands. According to court documents, additional officers were summoned and were able to bring him outside.


Instead of leaving, or calling a ride,  police said Wessels started to fight with police. He was tazed, which had no effect on him. He started to run away but was pepper sprayed. That knocked him down and he was able to be taken into custody, police said.  He was charged with resisting arrest aggravated assault,  criminal trespass and related offenses, police said.

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