Man Shoots and Kills Dog In Bristol Township

by Alex Lloyd Gross


June 10,2022

A beloved family pet is dead, after a man walking his dog shot it one time, on Midwood  Lane, after the dog attacked his dog while they were out for a walk.  The incident happened about 9:30 AM,.

Police said in a news release that the dog, an American Bulldog escaped it’s yard. The dog started to attack the mans pet German Sheppard.  The man pulled out a pistol and fired one shot, killing the dog.  Obviously, the neighbor who just had their pet murdered was upset.  Extra police were called to the scene while police investigated the incident, police said.


Area security camera footage will be reviewed and police said they will confer with the District Attorney before charging anyone with a crime. The male did have a valid permit to carry a gun.

The factors that will be looked at include if the shooter rushed to his pistol rather than exhausting all over options, police said. It is unknown how the dog escaped from the yard.  Anyone that witnessed this should contact jj********@br*******.org.