Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion -On Technology

by Paul Big Bear
Dear Friends,
     “Hello, nice meeting you, you live around here?” “Did you grow up in this area?” “Are you married?” Do you have children?” “Do you think it will rain today?” “Think we’re in for a hot summer?” So many questions, that is how we get acquainted, but some questions go too far; “Are you registered to vote?” “What party?” “What religion are you?” “Are you for or against….?” Some things are meant to be private. So many questions we are living in a time of rampant technical knowledge. Your phone no longer just makes and receives phone calls, now it plays music, looks up information; phone numbers, directions, history all just by asking it. You can even get a device for home that will start your coffee, make phone calls, remind you of your schedule, lock and unlock your doors and windows. You can remotely start your car and I understand some vehicles will come to you upon command (does this mean instead of calling my car midnight I should call it Spot?) I can call someone across the country or across the world and have a face to face phone conversation with them. You can see who is at your door without going to it, from anywhere, even video what they do and who they are. With the proper addition to your phone you can track your children’s where a bouts. Yes this is a technological world we are living in, information is at our fingertips. I remember when I was in law enforcement and you were looking for someone you dialed a phone and the calls cost money each time, phonebooks were a very important tool of the trade, how about this, if we had a tip someone was somewhere we got in a car went to the area and, on foot, checked it out. We had networks of people we could call on to help in other areas and we shared information. We got the job done with hard work, ingenuity, and our mind.
     Today we have so much information thrown at us, there is almost nothing we cannot find or do from a computer and cell phone. So why are we not smarter? Why can’t our young school students read or write cursive? Mathematics is no longer a big deal our phones can do that for us. History has been rewritten, religion has been destroyed, earning a living is no longer a family of four where mom stayed home to raise two kids and dad went to work to pay the bills, Sundays were for family dinners, usually at grandparents house, after going to Church. If you were lucky the family took a vacation together. No longer, we are far too busy in this technological world. So much information you would think that honesty would be automatic but that sadly isn’t so, we need fact finders to check if we are being told the truth, problem with that is who is checking the fact finders. In today’s world we are muzzling people for fear they might offend our thin skinned minority. So who is telling the truth, our politicians? If you have questions about politicians and want to assure that our upcoming generation is being truthfully informed try this; become informed voters, become involved parents don’t just put the future, our children in the hands of teachers that we don’t even know. Ask about school and studies. Find out what they are listening to, doing on computer, and watching on TV. Will new laws really change anything? If you tell your children not to take a cookie and they still take one do you think rephrasing the command will stop them. How can I ever believe that all the laws in all the law books will suddenly make this world a safer place if we can’t get our world to follow the Ten Commandments?