Burglar Steals Military Bike Worth $100,000 From Philly Bike Shop

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Someone must have know it was there, and where it was.  We are talking about a 1996 military prototype bicycle that was in the bike shop. The value of the bike was $100, thousand, police said.

The male pictured above is in deep trouble. Watch the below video. Not only did be smash the window of the shop, located on the 600 block of North 2nd Street, but he broke open the door to take the bike.  He must have known it was there and known what he was looking for. Now police are looking for him.

The theft took place in broad day light, just a few hours before the store opened on June 11, 2022. The theft happened at 7:01 AM. The thief wheels the bike away, as opposed to riding it.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact:
Central Detective Division:
Det. Sanders
DC 22-06-024496


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