What is Next For Those That Want An Abortion

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 24, 2022

It was just after 10:00 AM today that the United States Supreme Court released their decision to overturn Roe V Wade. In short, there is no constitutional right to get an abortion. This is left up to the individual states.  The Roe V Wade decision is not going to come before the US Supreme Court again for a considerable amount of time.

Residents of Oklahoma,  Texas and other southern states will not be able to get one in their state, once they make them illegal.  People will have to travel to individual states to get this procedure done, or find an illegal clinic.  Anything done illegally is very likely to be unsafe. Abortion clinics are regulated, inspected and licensed.   When you take that away, safety protocols might be ignored over profit.

Make no mistake about it, this will only stop a small portion of women from getting an abortion, as they will travel to other states where it is legal to get the procedure done.  There will be fundraisers to help indigent women pay travel expenses,  as well as pay for the procedure.  Just like alcohol or fireworks, if someone wants it bad enough, they will get it.  A procedure can be done in one day.

New Jersey has made abortions legal no matter what. In Pennsylvania it is legal to have one. in January 2023, a new governor will take over in Pennsylvania. If it is Josh Shapiro, he said that he would continue to allow. abortions to continue in Pennsylvania. Should Doug Mastriano win the election, he will do anything to close down clinics and that will require Pennsylvania residents to travel to other states.

Should the republicans control the house and senate and Shapiro be governor, he will veto any legislation to make abortions illegal. It is all going to come down to politics in 2023, what the general population of the state wants.

The republican house has shut down democratic proposals prior, for unrelated bills like the minimum wage and gun control.  This is such a hot button issue that democrats will  work to shut down any abortion bill.  Certain hardliners like Mastriano are against abortion for any reason, including rape or the health of the mother.