Mayor Kenney Does Not Want His Job After Two Cops Are Shot

FOP Lodge 5 President John McNesby shared a photo of a bullet lodged in a hat of the Philly officer.


by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 5 2022


Mayor James Kenney  is responsible for the safety and security of the City of Philadelphia.  Last night, during the July 4th fireworks, two police officers were shot near the Art Museum.  They were expected to be okay.  One officer was from Montgomery County and the other was from Philadelphia. .

The Philadelphia Police Department have no suspects in custody. None of the officers saw a gunman and according to city officials,  the two officers may have been struck by celebratory gunfire, where someone was firing a gun into the air. Due to fireworks going off, no one heard any gunfire. The shots blended in with the fireworks.

During a quick media update, Mayor Kenney said that he looks forward to when he is not mayor anymore.  This comment was made and overshadows the fact that bedlam and panic ensued when a stampede of people ran down the parkway, leaving their possessions.  This is everything from a pair of shoes to blankets and strollers. The city is expected to make an announcement on the was people can reclaim their property.

Many elected officials are calling that statement “irresponsible”.  City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart , has sparred with Kenney previously over many of his pet projects like the  soda tax. She put out a tweet blasting Kenney for the comment.


This comes off the mass shooting in Highland Park Illinois , where a deranged gunman fired a barrage of shots at a July 4th Parade. Six people were killed and over 24 were hurt. The shooting here does not appear to be intentional city officials said.  They are asking for security footage, cell phone video that may show something. The gunfire could have erupted outside the secure zone and the bullet could have come down and hit the officers.  The person that fired the gun would have no idea what happened, police said.

While the immediate investigation on site  is concluded,  there is still much work to be done. The parkway remains closed throughout most of today, July 5, 2022, for clean up. The stage for the concert has to be disassembled and belongings have to be separated from trash.