Under 17 and In Philadelphia, You Better Be Home After 10;00 PM

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 8 2022

Children and teenagers do not belong on the street at night. It is too dangerous. In an effort to curb violent crime, the city has revamped the curfew regulations for those under 18.  you have to be inside by7 10:00 PM.

Of course, common sense must prevail.  If you are on your own property or coming back from work or other legitimate endeavor, you are not in violation, police said.  Going to a concert? It’s best to be picked up by a parent, rather than wait for public transportation.


If a child is picked up  after 10:00 PM, what happens depends on the age and where they are in relation to their home. If they are within a few miles, police will just take the child home, make contact with the parent and then that will be the end of it,providing it is the first offense.  If a parent cannot be reached, the child will go to a curfew center to wait for a parent to show up.

If the distance is pretty significant, then the child will be taken to a curfew center to await the arrival of a parent. Continued infractions will result in fines against the parents., police said. The curfew is in effect now and runs until September 30, 2022.