Another Juvenile Delinquent Charged With Murder Of James Lambert

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 14, 2022

Another juvenile, a 14 year female is under arrest and charged with third degree murder for her role in the killing and assault of 73 year old James Lambert.  Her name is Gamara Mosley.

She is being charged as an adult in this matter. Another girl, a 13 year old juvenile was questioned by detectives and released without charges, pending further investigation, That girl is said to have tried to stop the attack and claims to have called 911 and stayed with Lambert, until police arrived. She will have to testify at trial  about who did what, and testify against her friends.

Mosley, through her attorney Lonnie Fish hopes to have her released to home detention. Fish claimed that his client belongs in school and kept reiterating that she was 14.  His client is accused of grabbed a heavy base traffic cone and pummeling  Lambert over his head with it, knocking him to the ground.  Fish did not say what his client was doing out at 2:30 in the morning.


For his claim that she belongs in school,  there are schools available in the justice system.  It’s a safe bet that her school transcript will be looked at before making any decision.  Police are still looking for the three other youths who were at the assault.  With four already identified, the remaining three should be scooped up by police sooner rather than later.

Mosley remains in custody, after she turned herself in.  She is the girl with the patch of blonde hair . There is still a $20K reward for information to arrest the remaining three.  This assault happened at 21st and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. James Lambert was by himself when he was approached by the group of hoodlums, “who wanted to mess with him”, according to police. Lambert inquired about why they were out so late and the teens answered by throwing food at him, which escalated to a heavy base traffic cone.