Serious Motorcycle Crash Closes Street Road In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 20, 2022

Just after 5:00 AM a serious crash involving a motorcycle happened on eastbound Street Road  at the I-95 overpass. The eastbound lanes are closed and will be closed for several hours, police said.

Preliminary reports indicate a motorcycle  and a dump truck were traveling east, in the same lane. For unknown reason,  the dump truck slammed into the rear of the cycle , causing the driver of the motorcycle to briefly become pinned on his bike.  He was removed by fire and EMS personnel.  They will investigate to see if he had a head wound.  police did not say if he was wearing a helmet.

If any charges are to be filed, they will be filed when the investigation is completed.


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5 thoughts on “Serious Motorcycle Crash Closes Street Road In Bensalem

      1. This is my dad. He had surgery the next day. He is okay and it could have been a lot worse. He does not remember what happened and is having trouble from time to time with his thoughts.

  1. the state really ought to pave street road between I 95 and state road . ive lived 25 years here and cant remember when the last time it was paved ? they fill in holes once in a while, but its bumpy as hell!!!

  2. this is my dad that it happened to. He did survive and had surgery the next day. He is in a lot of pain and can not walk right now, but things could have been much worse.

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