Thanks To Three Hoodlums, City Pool Closed For Summer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 22, 2022

Three individuals acting like hoodlums caused a city pool to close for the summer in Kensington, right in the middle of summer.   The incident happened yesterday afternoon,about 4:25 PM. Workers at the McViegh Rec center located at D and Ontario Streets were trying to eject three females from the pool for unruly behavior. The females refused to get out of the pool and words were exchanged.  The pool was then closed to everyone, in an effort to get the three out of the pool.

When the three females did exit the pool, they exhibited behavior equal to a neanderthal, as they followed the staff into the building. When the staff told them they could not enter, that is when the three assaulted the staff with punches and by pushing and shoving. Finally, the staff were able to get the hoodlums out of the rec center, however the three were not finished with their reign of terror.


Captain Matthew James Of the East Detective Division asked anyone with cameras that might have captured the kids leaving or entering, to please call them.

They saw the cars that the staff drove to the pool for work and got to work vandalizing the cars. A Kia Sorento – scratches on the hood Genesis Coupe – scratches on the hood and a broken windshield  Saturn sedan – dent on the roof of the vehicle and scratches along the vehicle  .

In typical hood rat fashion, two more males arrived at the center and tried to steal a bag from a staff member. The bag was recovered. A helmet for a scooter was not and was stolen.


The employees of the rec center are:

40/H/M, complaint of pain in the wrist and shoulder

36/H/F, complaint of pain in the ankle, wrist, and finger.

17/H/M, complaint of pain in leg, ankle, and knee

37/H/F, complaint of pain in back, legs, shoulder, and arms. Additionally, this complainant had a bag taken from her vehicle.

63/W/F, complaint of pain in her left arm. Her bag was taken but was recovered. A helmet for her scooter was taken.

According to Kathryn Ott  Lovell Commissioner Philadelphia Parks and recreation,  “A decision was made to close the McVeigh Pool for the summer. “We have had problems there, especially after hours, with people trying to climb the fence to get into the pool. It’s dangerous”, she said. The pool area was vandalized as well with lifeguard stands tipped over and signs thrown about.

She urged kids to use the Stanley pool which was a few blocks away. That distance of a few block is un reachable for small children or for people with no car. None of the rec staff needed any hospital treatment, Ott Lovell said.

Police are combing through lots of video and encourage those responsible to come forward. The police will release video and neighborhood residents will be too happy to turn them in, as they are the ones that caused the pool to close.




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14 thoughts on “Thanks To Three Hoodlums, City Pool Closed For Summer

  1. Because of 3 hood rat thugs, an entire community looses the pro ledge of a pool, which means the thugs win again. Totally unfair. They are all known to that neighborhood & when caught their parents should be held accountable as well, unless they are the ones who turn them in

  2. Why publish who I am because I have an opinion. This is why people refuse to speak up, you put them on blast like they did something wrong but the thugs names are withheld because the are minors. If they’re old enough to raise this much hell, they old enough to get names, photo, momma/daddy same address everything exposed instead of law abiding citizens

  3. This is shameful of these hoodlums or tugs , but it is very deceitful for the Parks & Recreation to use this once criminal event to justify the closing and the end of the season use of this playground’s pool as the main reason of this action because the real reason is that I have been voicing the truth that has not been disclose to the neighborhood people. Because there was a Community meeting a day or so before this CRIMINAL event in question and at this meeting I confronted the Staffers and other professionals that attended the meeting to inform the community of plans to improve the complete playground including the demolition of the current structure and the erecting of a new facility at the same site across from me which was and is a wonderful improvement to this community especially for the children teens and adults, but I came short of rejecting this idea because of the ongoing environmental hazard that must be addressed and has not been addressed before this project is started, hello what good is a new facility that people could use if the participants of the use of this new facility will be exposed to this ongoing environmental hazard that it is over 2 years now since it was started.
    Of course this is nothing new considering the many misused of this facility and the ongoing of this environmental problem that to all the people of this area and that frankly our elected officials are not willing to address although they had been informed by me and other concerned citizens in many ways at meetings and visits to there local offices as well as on the phone in fact even the EPA had been informed and the 311 center as well. Now due to what they consider a disgruntled person that honestly they see me as, I get it but never the less I will continue my crusade in disclosing this for what I consider to be a CRIMINAL and unlawful operation and the wilful neglect of our Elected Officials that benefit from not addressing this severe environmental hazard that in10 years from now our children will exhibit many illnesses from this dust of RECLYCLE CONCRETE that last I checked there was or isn’t any ZONING PERMIT issued for this illegal operation. The evidence is there, whereby all vehicles are coated daily with this substance that I admit must that this dust needs to be confirmed as recycled concrete of which samples would need to be collected and evaluated by a competent lab.
    This dust is visible because it is on all surfaces and on all the vehicles but also in our homes on living room tables on any surface in our homes even worse its going into all of our bodies of our Children and Adults and any person who frequents this neighborhood.
    But still this environmental hazard that we are being exposed to in this neighborhood continues to worsen, the problem is visible to anyone who wants or cares to look at it, in a nut shell we are being exposed to a substance that is being omitted into the air that with the wind it carry’s for miles in all directions that is depending of which way the wind is blowing, this substance in my humble opinion
    originates from the site located at 332-52 E.Tioga St Philadelphia PA 19134 the owner goes by the name of E & V Zagranicnhy LLC with a mailing address of 400 W Glenwood Ave. Philadelphia PA 19140.

    1. Hello Pedro I would love to get in contact with you I am a staff at samuels recreation center where we hold many activities such as karate weight watchers yoga soccer basketball swim team swim lessons and just on that was wondering if you can possibly help us do some changes to our pool area such as maybe a paint donation or help us get some chairs and umbrella so when elderly is on pool deck they can sit I know I might be asking for a little much but thought it was worth a shot ty in advance Jennifer bermudez

    2. These are the ghetto dwelling negros who destroy everything in this city. You notice how they don’t mention the race of the three animals? They only do that when they are the nappy headed super-predator ignorant dogs who they pretend somehow matter.

  4. From the article “they exhibited behavior equal to a neanderthal”. This is the oddest description I have ever seen in an article.

    1. No it wasn’t, He was being kind to describe those rotten dirt bags like that. They are worthy of a much harsher description and an even harsher punishment!!!

  5. Criminals and hoodlooms will continue their evil acts as long as the law treats them as mischievous kids. I see in this case real offense and crime against safety of human wellbeing. Every action of them, every punch – was the assault, and should be followed by incarceration, no less. And I don’t care if they have kids needing them – no kid needs such parent. Jailtime, and let them live with the horror – how will they look in their kids’, neighbors’, coworkers’ ( If these pieces of human trash even work!) – disgusted eyes. The society is too tolerant to such garbage. And thus – deserve to live with fear. Every minute in every innocent place. If it was not the first time – each of them should be announced ( just like pedofiles!) THE POTENTIAL THREAT TO COMMUNITY. Their followers would think twice before allowing themselves such outbursts of their criminal personalities! The “heroines” and their deserving them men – might have to move somewhere, to escape shame and start practicing decent behavior.

  6. Thank you for calling these pieces of trash exactly what they are. No need to mince any words. I’m not going to say anything else but damn do I want to…

  7. Also, why do these trash bags get to keep their anonymity? Publish their names and their pics. And their parents names also, for raising up such quality citizens.

  8. A bunch of animals. No morals. No decency. This is Filthadelphia now. If you choose to live there, you get what you get.

  9. Quit keeping the groids anonymous. Publish their names and pictures. I want to licate them before the worthless police do.

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