Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Mankind and Animals

Dear Friends,
       Mankind is not an animal! Mankind is superior to animals, we look at life and we find ways to make life easier, better. We grow food – raise meat – catch fish, all kinds of fish thousands in a single day. We process, package, and ship all over to assure people have access to food. We manufacture clothing, modes of transportation including the ability to transport large quantities of goods across country in a matter of days. We build homes for people to live in, we also build huge buildings reaching astronomical heights and housing more people than some small towns. We create ways to inform our people of what is happening everyday and ways to be entertained. We go to jobs and careers that often cause headaches, ulcers, conflict that often leads to illegal behavior; embezzlement, theft, violence. We often harbor and foster jealousy, prejudice and bigotry that turns even families against each other. Yes mankind is superior, we indulge in recreational substances that destroy our bodies in the name of social pleasure and societal behavior. We have found ways to travel over a hundred miles an hour in the family car, fly in great jumbo jets or small two seat planes. We have traveled around the globe on water on large ships or in small craft. We have flown around the world in balloons (dirigibles) and aircraft of all shapes and sizes. We have flown beyond the atmosphere and landed on the moon. We are amazing creatures. We pollute the land the water and the air, we dump and bury our indestructible waste in landfills and our oceans. We pollute our waterways with chemicals that we ingest in our drinking water and our food. We are proud and loyal, root for the wrong team and see how that kind of pride works. We even fight over religion and historical facts.
        Animals, well animals basically have not made much progress they live in the same nests, caves, and burrows they have lived in for centuries. They eat, migrate, hibernate, and exist without change. They follow the seasons, the weather, and the food; watch the great grizzly bear when the salmon spawn. Watch nature, the creatures that migrate or hibernate in the cold weather, Geese fly hundreds of miles to nest in the same places every year, others store foods for the long stretch, or live off their stored body fats. Animals live in harmony with nature, mankind believes he can beat nature at its own game and when we lack enough water, or we encounter frigid cold temperatures and record snow falls, or sweltering heat we give scientific names like “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” and blame melting icecaps.
       Look at history and learn before it is torn down, mankind is often a greedy creature taking what he wants with little regard for something as trivial as the balance of nature.