Large Scale Disaster Drill Taking Place Across Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 27, 2022


A large scale disaster drill is taking place across many locations in  Philadelphia  today,  July 27,2022 and tomorrow, July 28.  this drill will test the readiness of police, fire and EMS as well as communications.

It is very easy to put a plan on paper. Quite another to execute that plan,   That is why the training is being done, to  make sure everything works and to show first responders how things will go. They will be working in conjunction with the US military.   The drill will cause some areas toclose to the public, like  the Linden Avenue Boat Ramp,


The full list of locations is as follows :

  • Philadelphia Fire Academy, Northeast Philadelphia (July 27/28)
  • Pleasant Hill Park, Northeast Philadelphia (July 27/28)
  • Philadelphia Navy Yard, South Philadelphia (July 27/28)
  • CSX Railyard, South Philadelphia (July 27)
  • SEPTA NRG Station, South Philadelphia (July 28)
  • Port of Philadelphia (July 28)
  • Albert Einstein, Penn Presbyterian, Pennsylvania, Temple, and Thomas Jefferson hospitals (July 27/28) Crisis actors will be paid about $15/hr to participate in the drill. They will be made up to look injured or told to distract emergency workers from their jobs,to see how they would react in real time.
  •  The US ARMY, Task Force 46 is coordinating with the city for this drill.