Thousands Attend National Sports Collectors Con In Atlantic City

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 30, 2022

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware valley trading cards worth over a million dollars.

If you want to attend the National Sports Collectors Convention this weekend,  you will have to bring money and get up early. If you arrive at the Atlantic City Convention Center after 10:00 AM,  there is a very good possibility that you will be parking well off site, and walking a distance..  You were warned.


You are also warned that you will spend money there.  If you like to collect sports memorabilia, and are looking for something different, you will find it there. Vintage bats and gloves,  Uniforms,  model stadiums and posters. That’s just a small sample of what is there besides cards.  If you collect sports cards, this is the place for you.




The show floor is huge. If you have no interest in sports collectibles, you will be bored quick. If you have a passion for this, you can spend days  here and still not see everything.  One does not go to an event like this and walk around and then leave. You talk with people, you meet new friends and you learn about the hobby.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Now who is that opening up trading cards and bringing a live auction to the masses online?

When you go there, you will see all the cards your mom threw out decades ago. Some are worth a lot of money.  Some advice to moms pout there from the pros. leave your kids collection intact. Do NOT throw them away. Kids, do not tape them to walls or put them in bicycle spokes.  That rookie card from the player that made three errors this weekend  could prove himself and that card could be worth millions by the time you retire.

Most cards are not worth millions.  Most are about $10.00 and under.  Cards bought in the  1990’s  2000’s are not as valuable as those from the 1960’s or 1970’s.  There are several companies making sports cards.  Some are worth more than others.  At one booth a Tom Brady rookie card was expected to fetch over $1,000,000.00 at auction.

It’s not only sports at the National.  You can find dealers selling movie posters and Presidential and political  collectibles as well. For more information