Hard Rock Veteran Jack Starr Releases New Album

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 31, 2022

back in the early 1980’s there was a really good underground rock group called Virgin Steele.  While they did not reach  fame like say Ozzy Osbourne, they were a household name especially on the east coast.  It’s been along time since their debut record.   Jack starr was a founding member of the band.

Since that time, he has been involved with a lot of different music projects. His latest one is called Burning Starr. They have a new record that has been out for about two weeks. It’s called Souls Of The Innocent. ” This is kind of metal in that epic power metal style back in 1981. It’s really similar to Virgin Steele in many respects, in that style of music”  he said.


Starr has since moved out of New York and relocated to Florida. “This was a very good place to be during the whole lock down,”. Starr hopes to tour behind the record because he knows the music industry has changed. Now artists make very little money on music and they make their money on concert tickets and merchandise.  Starr knows his music is available for free on Youtube  and other places.  “You have to remember that those sites compress the music very heavily,  When you buy a CD or an LP it won’t sound as compressed, it will sound more wide open,” Starr said.


Starr’s record company,  Global Rock is going to release the entire back catalogue  of music on CD.  Those records include:

Rock The American Way (1985)

No Turning Back (1986)
Blaze Of Glory (1987)
Burning Starr 1989 (1989)
Burning Starr V – The Strider Project (1991)
Burning Starr VI – Under A Savage Sky (2003)
Land Of The Dead (2011)
Keep The Metal Burning – Live In Germany 2013






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